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How to Become a C.S.R.A. Member

Any resident of the State of Connecticut may apply for membership in the Connecticut Street Rod Association (CSRA). You must own a car built from an original vehicle or a replica as recognized by the National Street Rod Association (NSRA). Cars (rods) must be pre 1954 vintage (glass replica accepted, even if registered as a late model composite).

New applicants for membership must fill out an application for membership. When the completed applications has been submitted along with the required entry fees, a minimum time limit of one year will be given to complete entrance requirements. The requirements are:

A. Work all swap meets during the year (the entire day)

B. Attend four events with your street rod.

C. Your car must be inspected and pass inspection in order to join. Safety inspection is optional after acceptance.

D. All members are required to work a minimum of eight hours per year in maintaining the clubhouse or it's grounds.

Also, applicants will be required to attend six meeting within that year. If building a street rod, a prospective member will be given a three-year time limit but must show progress every six months to at least two or more of the members of the Board of Directors. Upon completion of the requirements, a vote by secret ballot will be taken to consider your entry as a regular member. New members shall be admitted upon a majority vote of existing members present in person at a duly called meeting for admission of new members.

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