Tom Falconieri

Wallingford, CT

My love of cars started as soon I could understand what they were. My first car was a 1962 Pontiac Tempest which never made it out of the yard because I blew it up! I then had a few other vehicles but the next worthwhile one was my 1967 Nova. I took a good car and made a mess of it.

In the summer of 1967 I met some members of CSRA who asked me if I wanted to join. All I needed was to own a pre-1948 car or truck. It just so happened that Jay Fornal had a 1932 Ford panel truck and for $200.00 I could be the proud owner! I also gave Jay $20.00 to become a CSRA member. It took me two years to get the panel truck on the road. I built the frame in my parentsí cellar complete with engine, transmission and front and rear end. I then took it apart, carried the pieces outside, and reassembled it in my back yard. During this time I was attending CSRA meetings and cruising with my good friend Rich Libassi who had bought a 1923 T-Bucket. I believe my truck was on the road in 1968-1969. I had the opportunity to go with the members to the 1ST Nationals in Peoria, Illinois in 1970, but I had to say no to the Nationals as I know my truck would not make it there and back.

The 1st Nationals I attended was in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1974. I drove with my friend Ken Wagner in his 1932 Ford - one ride I will never forget!! We had such a good time. But after that trip I never rode with anyone again. I always took my own street rod.

I had gotten married, but this did not slow me down. I drove my 1932 Ford until 1977. In 1975 I bought a 1931 Pontiac and put it together by the Summer of 1976. I have put over 130,000 miles on the Pontiac and I am presently rebuilding it. Along with the birth of my daughter, Rose, in 1980 came the birth of my 1931 Model A Roadster. From that date on both my daughter and my Roadster have been street rodding ever since. I am now driving a 1937 Oldsmobile which my wife, Laura, and I have taken to lots of States all over New England and down South. The Oldsmobile runs almost too good. We also own a 1953 Ford pick up, a stock 1931 Modal A Ford Coupe and a 1947 Pontiac Torpedo Back.

I have been Representative and Chairman of the Northeast Street Rod Organization along with State Representative and Advisor for over 30 years of the National Street Rod Association. I have been President, Vice President, and Board of Director of CSRA as well as on numerous committees: 30-year Reunion, By-law, Swap Meet, Cruise Night, Picnic, Awards Banquet, and co-chairman of many club events. In 2002 I was named Street Rodder of the Year by the Connecticut Street Rod Association.